360 Agility


360 Agility is a holistic multidimensional, multi-disciplined
approach to optimize neural health.


A focused practice designed to develop self-regulations but also create resilience in the mind, reserve on a neural level and resource on an internal level.

If everyone had these four things we could have World Peace.


Empower individuals to participate in daily practices that align the body and mind to thrive throughout life.

Recognizing the power of thoughts is quintessential to understanding how to harness that power in order to create not only a better life but a better world.


Revolutionize pre & post concussion and TBI programming with training developed to enhance the capacity to navigate challenges in addition to developing foundational skills for optimizing the outcomes.


360 Agility is an all-encompassing approach to health and well being. It was founded on the idea that through thought you can form new synapses and create new neurological connections in the brain ultimately resulting in a new neural construct.

Since this is true, we also have the ability to strengthen and reinforce current constructs and neural networks to better protect and preserve our brains from damage when under duress.


Together we cultivate an internal explorative space that enables people to observe their own thought patterns and create an understanding and control of various thoughts and actions that are reflected in their lives. This is demonstrated through physical strength, agility, and overall body awareness in addition to a more centered state of mind.


Education and training programs that support neural functioning and leadership skills for athletes, professionals, and youth.


Individual or group workshops with an interactive education and implementation of specific mind-body practices to achieve a desired result.


Hands on program to educate athletes in the elements and understanding of aligning the neural-muscular system to increase awareness, strength, agility, and for restoration.
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Presentations and educational seminars for professionals and the general public through technical talks, demonstrations and open awareness discussions at conferences and other gatherings.

A few words from Mike Kelly

She is and will forever be an asset to whatever community she engages. She has a unique ability to comfort and relax individuals under duress in a professional and disciplined manner while exhibiting empathy and compassion.

Mike Kelly was the Head Football Coach at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. His coaching background extends to the CFL, XFL and NFL with experience educating at Drexel University.


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Hi I am Melissa,

I have studied multiple forms of meditation and yoga in addition to other personal training practices in pursuit of understanding the connection between the cognitive mind and the physical body.

After suffering a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident I was forced into the science of thought patterns and neural connections in order to regain control over my body and well being.

Years of practice has presented many revelations to me not only on a personal level through practice and study but from a mentor level working with countless individuals suffering from a variety of ailments.

Positive thought patterns are the foundation on which we carry our days. I aim to cultivate and share the light energy I now carry with as many people as I can.

B.S. Recreation Therapy

Temple University

M.S. Yoga Therapy

Maryland University of Integrative Health

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yoga is a practice for that mind that helps regulate and balance the nervous system and focus the mind in order to relieve suffering.
    Yoga therapy unlocks the potential of yoga and self-discovery as an intentional guided instruction and educational process.
    Breathing exercises allow us to consciously direct the energies in our body drawing the neuroendocrine system into a state of balance, increasing neurogenesis and plasticity. It also enhances interoception, metacognition, and emotional intelligence.
    Interoception is a conscious awareness of the body from the inside out.
    Neuroplasticity is the connectivity and networking of the neurons within the brain. It is what allows the brain to develop, grow, and adapt by forming new neural connections.
    Neurogenesis is the process of the brain producing more neurons, therefore increasing the density of the brain.
    Meta-cognition is the ability to observe and understand your own thoughts and thought patterns from an objective space.
    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize sensations, feelings, and emotions within yourself, and to notice where they are coming from in order to make adaptive changes. This also enhances empathy, compassion and the ability to connect with others.